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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 294: Operational Report: 26/09/42

The men from Tarawa arrive at Ocean Island, and then pay the toll for the beaches.

The Japanese bombers are still in range, and attack the unloading ships. We take no damage and down one of their planes. Their other raids are just as ineffective.

I'm not sure what caused all those casualties, as the island is discovered to be empty, and is taken without any further fighting!

Another raid on Cox's Bazar catches all our planes on the ground.

You know, this daily Lily raid is rather predicable – they've taken the same losses each day they've tried it, even with a Zero escort.

Our forces at Luganville clear the last of the enemy fortifications today, so I may try a shock attack tomorrow.

I lost the screen, but this is the force that we drove out of Anking a while back, and have hounded ever since.

Their not going to be worrying anyone any time soon. You can see the battlefield on this screen, to the south.

We take Anyang, inflicting more heavy casualties on the Japanese forces.

Our attack on Canton doesn't go to well, I'll try to wear them down with deliberate attacks – they seemed to work at Luganville.

Another bloody day for Japan in China, and a rather anticlimactic day at Ocean island. If if had known it was empty (Rather than the 1000-4000 men reported by the air patrols off the carriers) – I would only have sent a regiment!
Most of these forces are now going to re-embark and return to Pearl to replace their losses and plan the next attack.