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Part 295: Operational Report: 27/09/42

The crew of the Quincy get lucky as they are hit by another dud torpedo from the Japanese bombers.

Their second wave loses a plane and fails to get any hits, but this is nerve wrecking. I can't wait for these guys to finish loading and start heading home.

Cox's Bazar gets another pasting today by massed Japanese raids.

Sinyang sees another brutal assault, which we beat back as normal.

They also make another push on Nanking, but we're holding them here as well.

The men at Canton need to rest and reorganise before continuing the assault.

The shock attack at Luganville is less than successful, so its back to deliberate attacks.

A fairly standard day, we get three more ship kills today as they figure out that three ships we sank between January and May are actually sunk.

I'm sending the American carriers out again, this time to raid the area around Wake for shipping. And Japanese ships we can sink at this time are going to help us to cripple the enemy ability to operate long term.