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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 297: Operational Report: 29/09/42

The Sailfish is hunting off the coast of Japan again, but is still carrying dud torpedoes.

Japanese bombers are once more seen in the skies over Cox's Bazar. It seems that the enemy are intent on reducing this base to rubble, and prevent us from using it to provide air support to our men.

Our ships returning from Ocean Island come under attack once more, but manage to survive without taking any hits.

The Japanese carriers return to bombard our boys on Guadalcanal.

Sinyang, the graveyard of China.

Although its not the only place that the Japanese are being bled dry.

I really hate those dud torpedoes. I'd love to know how many kills that's denied me over the last ten months. But we're getting closer to someone fixing them.

As you may have guessed, my assaults have stalled somewhat. This is mainly because of the need to redeploy large numbers of troops to take anything the Japanese have – and as yet I don't have the manpower needed.

The battleships damaged in the Tarawa assault have returned to Pearl and have their repair estimates. This could be worse, all things considered – I still have 280 days to wait until the Saratoga is fully repaired.

It seems that the Japanese are planning an offensive in China. That theater is going to be interesting for a while yet.