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Part 298: Operational Report: 30/09/42

The day opens with the now normal bombing raid on Cox's Bazar.

The Kaga makes another attack on the men at Guadalcanal – this time we get a plane into the air, but he lasts about five seconds.


We do redress the balance with Flak, but that's another plane down.
The Japanese then take another area in New Guinea.

The only real combat in China is our attack on this unit that is trying to cut our north/south supply line.

The 104th have been replenished and lose 150 men to our 300.

Blink and you'll miss it today. So here's a map of lower China.

As you can see, I only have the bases of Foochow and Kanhsien to take along with the city of Canton. Men are on their way to Kanhsien, and Canton is under attack. My hope is to hold all of southern China soon.

Even intelligence are not giving me anything interesting. This means I'm going to give you the large ship kills for the month now.

Click here for the full 652x891 image

As you can see, we are even on fleet carriers, at three each, are down two light carriers. Have lost seven battleships to the Japanese six, and the Japanese have lost 16 cruisers to our 18.
While this may seem bad, you have to remember, we;re getting new ships all the time, and the Japanese are not going to see any real reinforcements.
Also, this is the “confirmed” list, and may not represent reality. In fact, with the Japanese score's, I think a 25% underestimate is a good guess on kills.

Other ships of note are two LSD's, one tanker and one resupply ship.