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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 299: Operational Report: 01/10/42

Grumble grumble dam torpedoes grumble.

We lose a plane to the Lily raid today, but that's to one of the Zero's that come with them.

They return in the afternoon, and actually drop bombs near one of our ships!

One of our supply convoys gets to close to Java, and pays the price.

The invasion fleet gets attacked again today, but only a small flight finds them, and can't get any hits on our ships.

They return in the afternoon with more planes, and concentrate their fire on one of our crusiers, hitting her three times.

She soon settles beneath the waves.

China, after a quiet day yesterday, returns to normal charnel house status.

I may need to send more men to Nanking to try and beat off these attackers and secure the city.

At Canton we start our attacks again, and the blasted Japanese have rebuilt their defences dam quickly.

Our points increase has ground to a halt. I Liked making 2-300 points a turn. It made me think I was doing something right.

After a few days of rest, I go to Luganville and set the men to attack once more. While there I notice something odd.

The fat bastards of the 164 Infantry Regiment have 40,000 tonnes of supplies, and their Marine allies, despite being more effective fighters, are near starving.
I send a missive to fire the quartermaster.

The Japanese plan to move on Shortlands. I'm all for them burning more of their bare eight months of remaining fuel on this.

Finally, here is the territory map of the Pacific

Click here for the full 2000x1601 image

As you can see, we're taking chunks out of the Japanese Empire now, and more and more of the Pacific is turning blue.