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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 303: Operational Report: 05/10/42

Cox's Bazar continues to get pounded by the enemy as they attempt to maintain air superiority.

The Japanese continue to make their attacks on Darwin – today supporting their bombers with a squadron of Zero's.

The damage is minor, and we down the enemy in a 4-1 ratio. Of course, this means that the Kate's come in with no help, and only one makes it out alive.

It seems that the Japanese plan on taking Pamekasan, the base in Java that has been ignored for months – they today bring in a cruiser to bombard the shore as they unload more troops.

We lose our fortifications at Sinyang today, the Japanese attacking with a number of skilled assault troops.

Canton continues to hold out against out vastly superior troops.

The clean up operation at Luganville begins today, and its going to take some time to clear the island.

Ploughing along, I am mildly worried about the fresh attacks at Sinyang, could the Japanese finally have the troops to break the deadlock?