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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 305: Operational Report: 07/10/42

Another day, another attack on Cox's Bazar.

Some attacks are bigger than others, but bigger raids are easier to hit.

Get those planes off the ships and into the air you fools!

Wagner is on there! He could have taken them all down on his own!

Guadalcanal comes under attack by enemy carrier based planes.

The Japanese assault continues for its third day. Casualties on both sides are high, and its not clear how long the Japanese can keep this up.

They defiantly have the AV advantage now.

We're clearing out more and more Japanese soldiers from Luganville each day.

Today however, we see several units cease to exist, and we manage to surround the survivors.

We continue to plod along, holding off the Japanese in some places and hunting them down in others. The carriers are a few days out from Suva, so Operation Castration should be going ahead soon.