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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 306: Operational Report: 08/10/42

The planes have finally unloaded at Tarawa, but their not set up in time to stop the enemy getting the Procyon.

Although we do claim one plane with flak. The Japanese then come back for the other two ships.

While I'm annoyed that we've lost these ships, I was willing to pay the price, we now have two squadrons and one of the top Pilots in the pacific protecting the island. This should pay off long term.

The pounding of Darwin continues, but we are putting up a good fight there, taking down a good number of the attacking bombers.

Assaults on Nanking continue, but they don't seem to be getting anywhere.

While we content ourselves with reclaiming more of our land from the Imperial Army.

The Japanese 104th Division is acting up once more, so we beat them down once more.

Cleanup operations at Luganville are going well, with only the enemy construction workers left on the island.

More land reclaimed in China, and more planes downed in the rest of the world. Only the loss of those transports puts a crimp on the day. But at least we now have planes at Tarawa, even if it will take days to get them all up and running.

And here are the combat reports, now that Asset Tracking has a bit of free time.

Which was totally my reason, nothing to do with forgetting at all.