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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 307: Operational Report: 09/10/42

Our patrols find a Japanese sub, but their attacks just drive it to the bottom and it escapes.

Cox's Bazar comes under attack once more, and the fighters on the ground are caught by surprise somehow and two are destroyed.

At Akyab, I order our men to bombard the enemy. We still need more men to make an assault here, but they are on their way, and I want to keep the enemy thinking we're going to be making a push soon – so a few days of fire should keep them on their toes.

We fend off another assault on Sinyang, the Japanese should really give up and go home, but this has become a symbol to both sides now.

In the hinterlands, we hold off another assault, beating back the Japanese with the normal disproportionate losses.

South of Ningpo, we attack some Japanese troops that have been cowering in the area for a good while, and are threatening our cities.

An attack tomorrow should do more damage, now that we have weakened them. West of Shanghai a similar securing operation starts, and sends the Japanese forces fleeing north.

I restart the Canton offensive after a few days of reorganization and rest for the troops. The new properly planned attack is a massive success, driving the Japanese from the city and reclaiming it, all with minimal losses.

Even in the far north the Japanese are not spared this renewed offensive, more of their men fleeing with heavy losses. - here one in five men are killed by our overwhelming numbers.

Cleaning up the last of the enemy at Luganville is taking some time, but at least we're not taking losses doing it.

I wasn't planning a new offensive in China to kick off like that, it just seems that all my moving troops have arrived and attacked at the same time, causing a day of massive losses to the enemy.

In other news, the men from Buna have now arrived in Sydney, and are going to replenish and plan for an attack on Rabaul at some point in the near future. The carriers get closer to Suva, and everything else seems to be going as planned.