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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 308: Operational Report: 10/10/42

Knowing that we now have fighters on Tarawa (that dam spy again), the Japanese launch a night attack to take them out, which is at least partially successful.

The airfield at Cox'z Bazar is now a ruin. But the Japanese still return to it day after day.

The casualty lists come in from Sinyang, and they show the same results as most attacks.

The Japanese response to our offensive yesterday is to launch their own attack on Suchow, with little result.

South of Ningpo we complete the job we started yesterday, shattering the remaining Japanese soldiers there and putting them to flight, less a third of their numbers.

In another repeat of yesterday, we also send the remaining forces near Shanghai retreating.

Near half the remaining Japanese troops on Luganville are policed up today, meaning we should be able to remove the rest of them in short order.

The Japanese casualties in China have been immense in the last two days – tens of thousands of men are dead, wounded or in our hands.

I noticed that we now have an assault value advantage at Kiukiang, but I'm not sure if this is a true reflection of the enemy forces. Non the less, I have ordered a deliberate attack on the city, to see if the months long stalemate.

The American carriers are going to arrive tomorrow at Suva, so a couple of days later and we can launch Operation Castration.