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Part 310: Operational Report: 12/10/42

The Japanese Air Force continues to avoid Wagner by bombing at night.

That odd noise you can hear is my head banging against the desk.

Although the Greyling does finally get a working torpedo, amongst the duds.

Pamekasan finally falls today, but they manage to make the Japanese forces pay before they surrender.

The increased height at Darwin helps once more.

Although our planes seem to be concentrating on the escorting fighters today, they still drive off the bombers without and damage to Darwin.

While technically part of the DEI, the attack on Babar is more worrying for the inhabitants of Australia.

We see especially brutal day at Sinyang today, as the Japanese, now cut off from supplies, make more and more desperate attacks.

They also push at Nanking, but this is less successful for them.

A Japanese offensive in the Dutch East Indies seems to have started, maybe my comments that the Japanese empire had reached its maximum size were a little premature.
Scouts have reported a Japanese force off Pearl Harbour, and I'm sending out ever available warship to deal with them, if they are foolish enough to get any closer.

What they are doing out there is beyond me, its reported to just be an enemy destroyer, but a ship that small would not be out this far on its own.

They are reinforcing Java it seems, but with useless tin cans.