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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 311: Operational Report: 13/10/42

The Japanese subs continue to make my life hell.

Cox's Bazar is hit once more.

This shot also shows the streams of reinforcements heading southwards to Akyab. soon we may gain the upper hand in the area. we also have forces forming up at Swebo inland, ready to open up those airfields for our use.

You know what – I was wrong, it Was just a single enemy destroyer near Pearl Harbour.

I think the Captain of the Makigumo needs a new pair of trousers. How he survived that is beyond me. Our men need more gunnery practice it seems.
I'm going to let this lone destroyer run home, partly because its not worth the fuel to run it down, but mainly because the Captain and the crew deserve to be able to live to tell everyone about the time they faced three battleships and escaped with their lives.

Who knows, maybe someone will make a film about it one day.

The Japanese carriers are still in the area, and Operation Castration is now rapidly bearing down on them.

The desperate attacks at Sinyang continue, men from Kiukiang are on their way to the city now, 20,000 of them, and that force to the west is 5,000 more combat troops. Things are not looking good for the the Japanese troops in the city.

All I need now is time. But the Japanese are trying to reopen at least one route to the city, attacking our forces holding Suchow.

I hope the carrier(s?) remain in place, if we can catch one on its own, then Operation Castration will be a success. Two to three days until contact I think.
I also note that after two days of improved defenses at Darwin, the Japanese avoid the city today.