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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 315: Operational Report: 17/10/42

Our carriers are swept by some Oscars, who manage to take down on of our Wildcats – the pilots are most likely exhausted from two days of battle.

This is followed by a raid from those Val's, our ships can now only get three planes up into the air.

Our strike on the battleship Haruna loses us a number of planes with no hits.

The Dauntless's strike at a cargo ship at Shortlands, but even there, they cannot prevent taking losses, even after crippling their target.

More of our planes get a sight on the Shoho, reporting that she is still heavily damaged but afloat.

I lose the screen shots, but a small raid of Vals gets another torpedo hit on the Yorktown. I do manage to screenshot the pointless Lilly raid though!

The Chinese bombers based at Shanghai make an attack, but cause no damage.

At Anyang, a supported Division forces our men to retreat with heavy losses.

Today’s losses were only to be expected, the battle force is wreaked after the battles against the Japanese carriers, so plane losses, while annoying, are unavoidable – and eventually replaceable.

Intelligence are claiming the Shoho, which may be a bit premature, although she is badly damaged and a long way from any shipyards.

The new torpedo attack to the Yorktown has added only a few points of damage, and this is still fairly minor damage. Although she now only has a third of her planes and only three torpedoes left in stores.

The Japanese continue to plan for attacks that they no longer have the strength to execute.