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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 317: Operational Report: 19/10/42

The Japanese return to Tarawa during the day, but there are no undamaged planes left for Wagner or any of his squadron to fly.

Now there are fewer damaged planes and little runway for him to use either. The Japanese send in another raid, and then a third.

The airfield at Tarawa is now a cratered ruin, scattered with burned out planes.

The flak gunners at Cox's Bazar claim another kill.

At Sinyang, it seems that the lack of supplies is beginning to show, as the Japanese losses show a huge number of destroyed squads, as opposed to the previous pattern of disabled.

We punish the Japanese at Nanking as well.

The battle at Kaifeng goes well, as we destroy more squads and break through their fortifications.

You know, its nice to have a few days when the turn doesn’t cause an elevated heart rate. Although 34 planes lost at Tarawa is painful.

Damage control on the damaged carriers is going well, I think the layover at Sydney will be as long as it takes to replenish the planes, rather than any more serious repairs.

It seems I underestimated the Japanese – they actually have troops on ships heading to Lunga! They also plan to attack Auckland.