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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 318: Operational Report: 20/10/42

We find another Japanese submarine off Colombo, and see if off with a good dose of high explosives.

The levelling of Tarawa airfield continues. Sending these planes has been a mistake, the Japanese are wrecking them faster than we can repair them.

A Sinyang the enemy continue to destroy themselves against our forces.

We really have a Stalingrad here, the Chinese forces, outnumbered and out gunned, somehow stop the Japanese forces advancing at a city, then hold out long enough for the Japanese to be surrounded.

In the north there is another Japanese counter offensive.

But just to the south in Kaifeng we have a larger force that annihilates the Japanese forces they are facing.

With three hundred squads destroyed, that's 11 units that are no longer combat effective. - five of them were considered Divisions by their operational tables.
Near Nanking we once more send the Japanese back in disarray.

We also hit the 104th Division again, forcing them to retreat along with the mortar company and the RCG Division they have formed up with. It seems that most Japanese divisions in China are no longer worth their names.

With phase one of Operation Castration over, the air goes quiet. I'd say two carriers for some minor damage to two of ours is a success – and our carriers are defiantly safe now. Now to rearm at Sydney and head out again.

We have another escort carrier. The Nassau now has to make it to Pearl.
I really need a sinking emote...