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War in the Pacific

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Part 32: Operational Report: 07/01/42

The Japs arrive at Tarakan in Borneo, the few ships unloading from the area are quickly overwhelmed by the three cruisers that the enemy bring. Its a little annoying that I could have engaged these ships with Task forces Y and Z, but decided to play safe.

The long range CAP I ordered over Kuantan comes into effect today as they meet a large combined raid.

Although unable to kill anything, the three planes do manage to limit the damage to a few hits on the port. As it is a fair distance between Kauntan and Singpore, we can only keep a few planes in the air at any one time, but the surprise factor did pay off somewhat today.

Kuala Lumpur falls today to the enemies relentless advance.

They also place troops onto two undefended islands in the Solomon Islands and the New Hebrides.

The Permit puts another dud torpedo into the side of another Japanese ship outside Shanghai.

Yet another crew thank the inter war budget cuts and insufficient weapon testing.

The Philippines are fairly quiet today, a few small air and land bombardments after their heavy losses yesterday attempting to take Clark Field.

Not much change here today, we see the normal air combat, the loss of three not to valuable ships and a few bases. Fairly standard stuff.

The only thing of note is that there is a large enemy convoy moving towards either the Philippines or Borneo.

This is something I learned only yesterday, when the sigintel says “heavy volume of radio traffic” you can go to that location for a detailed report of what is in that hex.
Its a very useful undocumented feature.

My main worry is here today.
When I checked the location of one of those unmanned islands the enemy occupied today, the one in the New Hebrides is to dammed close to Fiji, and by extension, New Caledonia and Australia. This could become the enemies main staging post for a strike at here or New Zealand.

Lucky for me, transports are currently unloading the 19th Infantry regiment, who I dispatched to the area weeks ago. These troops, with the two fighter squadrons that are also being unloaded as we speak, will allow me to plan an assault to retake the islands. - supported by the Kiwis of course, the 34th NZ Battalion is ordered to plan for the attack as well, I will give it a week or so, then launch a quick attack before the enemy can prepare their defences or renforce.

It seems to be the day for arrivals, as Brisbane gets its American support in the form of a squadron of Banshee dive bombers and P40E Warhawks. These two squadrons are sent north to Port Moresby. There they will give valuable support.