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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 320: Operational Report: 22/10/42

The Greyback finds and attacks a Japanese convoy.

Of course, she has dud torpedoes.

Mwahaha ha ha ha!
Your not going to put that fuel in your tanks now are you!

We lose another ship to the Japanese submarines prowling off Ceylon.

While another load of bombs are delivered to Cox's Bazar via the Imperial Air Force.

Inland our forces reach Mandalay, which is defended by 40,000 Japanese soldiers!

So much for trying to break through the weaker central areas.

More bombs drop on Tarawa, as the Japanese continue to beat a dead horse into the ground.

The Japanese bombers make it through to Darwin and cause some damage, before losing four of their planes on the way out.

The Japanese at Sinyang continues to get themselves butchered in large numbers, trying to break through our lines before the last of their supplies give out.

While we retake Suchow and make sure no supplies will ever get to Sinyang.

Well, I think its time to make an attack on Akyab. The last bombardment report put our AV at 2200 to their 1500. they will have fortifications, but a deliberate attack would be worth a try.

I'm also sending troop transports to Port Moresby, ready to attack those two annoying Japanese bases the defenders have been planning for for the last month. - the American carriers should be at Sydney tomorrow, and a few more days should see them replenishing their planes.