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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 321: Operational Report: 23/10/42

The Pollack makes an attack on a freighter near the Marshall Islands, and gets a torpedo hit. She then follows this up with a surface attack. But the freighter is armed, and all four hits she lands on our sub penetrate the hull.

It does look like a kill for us though.
The Japanese continue to turn Tarawa into ruins.

A Japanese sub finds the troop ships heading to Port Moresby. It bounces a torpedo off one of our destroyers and the evades our attacks.

Lets hope the Japanese think that's another invasion force heading out.

Our forces deep in Burma are forced to retrat as the much larger Japanese force attacks. I'm surprised that the Japanese have this many troops deep in the jungles.

The Deliberate attack goes in at Akyab, and it is a moderate success – we take more casualties, but in terms of real damage, come out ahead. We destroy roughly the same number of squads as we lose, reduce the Japanese defences and destroy one of the enemy units.

A few days of rest, and we'll try this again, reinforcements continue to flood into the area, and its only a matter of time before we have a advantage.

The futile assaults on Sinyang continue, although few of the squads are destroyed today. If they keep this up, we will be going on the offensive in the next few weeks.

They also continue their attacks on the south coast.

At Kaifeng, two large forces clash, and the more experienced Japanese troops win the day, capturing and killing thousands of our troops and taking the city.

I get news that the fortifications at Eniwetok have now reached level 3. Further assaults on the island by the Japanese would be even less advisable than before.
We lose the Destroyer Makigumo from our lists today, but gain the Hamberg Maru and two other ships from march.
The American carriers have reached Sydney and replenished as many fighters as they can get from the city.

The Yorktown and Wasp are both going into the shipyard – the two weeks repair for the Wasp doesn't seem to bad, but I think I'll wait a week, by then, the worst of the damage will be repaired, and the carriers should get another load of planes.

Apart from that, my next wave of assaults continue to plan their attacks. Its only a matter of time now.