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Part 322: Operational Report: 24/10/42

The Wahoo seems to be playing with the enemy, after her tanker kill a couple of days ago, she now calmly puts a torpedo into the side of a escort ship and then slips away into the night.

My anti submarine net around Ceylon seems to be doing its job, making attacks on another Japanese submarine today.

The Japanese visit Cox's Bazar after a few days of peace.

I wish I had the same level of protection around Australia that I do around Cylon, as I can't afford to lose ships like this.

But the area is just to big, and I can't afford that many ships to patrol it.

Tarawa, a Japanese bomb depot.

The Japanese take another undefended base.

They also take Terapo, north of Port Moresby. There are no ships reported, so these men must have spent several months crossing the mountains jungle to get here from the Lae area.

This a long walk for the 1100 men of the naval guard unit. And I can sweep them away in days as soon as the troop ships reach Port Moresby.

Operations to secure Shanghai continue. These mainly consist of chasing down the few remaining Japanese forces in the area.

It looks like we're claiming that sub for now, but these things are dam hard to confirm sunk.

Beyond that, there is little to report- beyond the fact that the damage reports for the Carriers at Sydney have jumped to 20 odd days. This is to be expected at the overworked shipyards, and as the plan was never for full repairs, and most of the minor damage has already been taken care of, I'm bringing them back to active duty.
This will take two days, but that's two extra days of repairs.

BklynBruzer posted:

Next year is gonna be a fun year!

Yep, after ten months, the American production machine is starting to kick in. Soon we'll be flooded with men and Material, and I can really get things moving.