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Part 323: Operational Report: 25/10/42

More anti sub operations around Cylon, this time the Isaac Sweers is missed by a torpedo, and then escapes our ships.

Cox's Bazar continues to receive numerous visitations from the Imperial air force.

We're into some bizarre shit here, as the Japanese invasion of Guadalcanal begins.

I'd have hoped for higher losses amoungst the landing troops, but we don't know how many men the Japanese are trying to land.

But it soon becomes clear that the assaulting force is a whole Division of Japanese troops. This does not look good for the defenders.

Somehow, the Japanese find more bombers to pound Tarawa.

At least their ignoring the defending troops.

Today's raid on Darwin has a large number of Zero's protecting it, this limits our ability to kill their bombers.

Hmm, little I can do for the defenders of Guadalcanal. By the time any forces can reach them, they will most likely be defeated.
This does not stop me loading the 32nd Division, the 2nd Marine Regiment and the 23rd British Brigade onto transports to retake the island.

It really looks like the Japanese hate our intrusion into the whole Coral sea area. Attacks on Shortlands are planned, and Rabaul is showing heavy radio traffic – most likely the remaining enemy carriers getting ready to ship out.
By the time our troops from Sydney are ready to ship out, our own carriers should be back in action.