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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 324: Operational Report: 26/10/42

More troops are landed at Guadalcanal – lets hope to god our boys at Sydney can double time onto those transports.

Tarawa gets its daily treatment.

While I don't like that fact that the Japanese continue to blast Cox's Bazar into the stone age, at least their leaving the much more important stream of troops south alone. For that I can be grateful.

They are making a difference though, as we blast through another ring of defences. This one costs us more, but at least we're making some headway. If we let the Japanese rebuild their fortifications, it'll cost us more in the long run.

Another couple of thousand Japanese are killed at Sinyang, this is getting to be pitiful.

We hit the 104th Division once more, and this time they make a good fight of it before retreating, they are cut off, and rapidly running out of room to retreat – once we take out that last base any hope of getting supplies is gone.

Checking the loading of the troops at Sydney, I estimate that it will take us another day to get them onboard, then they will be on their way. The carriers will then follow them out and provide support.

Yes Intelligence, this is the second day in a row you've told us that the 11th Army is in Sinyang. We know, we have had a bit of fighting in the area, if you read the combat reports.