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War in the Pacific

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Part 325: Operational Report: 27/10/42

Its seems that the Japanese are not done yet, as they launch an invasion of Horn Island, right off the coast of Australia!

This wave costs them 69 men by our reports, and I cannot remember how many defenders Horn Island has – its a backwater island that I never thought that the Japanese Army would take much interest in.

Luckily it turns out to be more than the Japanese can land, and we take out most of their attackers.
We do a bit better against the Zero's at Darwin today, taking down two and a bomber for no losses.

Your daily report from Tarawa – bombers as usual.

Cox's Bazar continues to soak up the Japanese air strikes in the area.

At Akyab, a shock attack goes in, when I'm sure I ordered a deliberate attack.

That was costly, time to put these men to resting for a time.

As more troops unload at Guadalcanal, the Japanese start to soften up Shortlands in preparation for the next wave in what seems to be a major offensive in the Coral Sea area.

Although I continue to talk about the fading power of the Imperial Army at Sinyang, it is not yet time to launch and attack – these three thousand men they sent out today still have a combined AV of 600.

It'll be less tomorrow though.
Two Mongolian cavalry Divisions take Kalgan from us, preventing us from pushing into Manchuria.

We continue to cause the Imperial Army In the east of China to give ground – the next move will be on Haichow.

That was a costly attack at Akyab, but at least Lunga holds out for another day. The relief force should be heading out tomorrow, but for some reason the game is not giving me back the Wasp or Yorktown. Maybe after another day otherwise the Enterprise and Long Island will have to go out alone, and I'll just have to hope I scared off the Japanese carriers.

We do get another gift today however, in the form of another Escort carrier – now on its way to Pearl. The Nassau reaches Pearl today, and I take her dive bombers off. This new carrier has Avengers, so they will be more useful than the Dauntless.
I've also taken all the warships from Suva and sent them out to Lunga, these should provide some support against the invasion as well.

You know, I'm half tempted to believe those attack plans for Port Moresby.