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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 326: Operational Report: 28/10/42

The Greyback makes an unsuccessful attack on a patrol boat north of Rabaul.

The Japanese try something today that they have not tried in a long time – an air raid over Port Moresby.

I think they remember why they don't do things like that any more.

Tarawa – the same today as every day.

Our forces advancing out of the Shanghai area run into a major Imperial Army concentration – 22,000 men make an attack on our forces, and are beaten back, losses are heavy on both sides, but our larger force comes off best in the engagement.

I get a message saying that the Japanese remnant on Horn Island has been wiped out today, leaving the Australian soil clear.
Troops and ships are on their way to Guadalcanal now, lets hope they can get there before the enemy feel confident in attacking.

Not having the two other fleet carriers available, I order the Illustrious to join the American carriers and head out. The other two fleet carriers go back into the Shipyard, I may as well get them repaired up and ready.