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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 327: Operational Report: 29/10/42

The Japanese subs continue to operate off Australia, but this one seems to be out of torpedoes, making a surface attack one one of our ships.

While the Imperial Army makes another try for Horn Island – this time with the support of a light cruiser.

But they continue to put more of the same troops ashore, with losses – they are not going to be able to build up forces quickly enough to overwhelm our men.

Darwin goes poorly for us today, with equal losses on both sides.

I'm just going to keep on reporting Tarawa, just to show that the Japanese are persistent.

The troop ships arrive at Port Moresby, and this causes the Imperial Air Force to send out another raid on the port.

Japanese forces take another island near Timor, slowly policing up all the small bases they have ignored until now.

The Japanese begin to land troops at Dutch Harbour! Imperial crab supplies are being threatened here!

The fighting north of Nanking continues, and it continues to go our way.

In Naking itself, I order our troops to go one the offensive against the now cut off Japanese forces.

The Japanese assaults at Sinyang continue to cost them more and more men, as they must no longer have the supplies to replace their losses.

To the north you can see the 7,000 fresh combat troops I'm committing to the city. Once they arrive, we should be able to make an assault of our own.

I have no idea what has gotten into the heads of my commanders in Burma, as the 25th Australian brigade makes an assault on a force ten times their size, and lose half of their men.

Nothing really to report on today. Everything is either on its way or planning, so its just a matter of waiting.