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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 328: Operational Report: 30/10/42

The Swordfish comes under attack off the coast of Japan.

More troops are unloaded at Guadalcanal.

The invasion of Dutch Harbor continues, but there is still no sign of any real attacks.

The Japanese planes continue to reduce Tarawa airfield to ruins.

Kiangtu to the north of Nanking is attacked again, but our men hold out, we're not letting a few thousand Japanese soldiers back into this cleared area.

The Japanese counter attack in central Burma, and our forces begin to retreat.

Lots of scattered action today, but no one major site.
I start loading troops for the Milne Bay and Rossal Island assaults, I may as well get them going while we have carrier support in the area.

There is also another enemy task force snooping around near Pearl, so I'm sending out the big ships again – this time with the slower battleships left behind – those two are heading up to Dutch harbour to disrupt the enemy invasion force.