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Part 329: Operational Report: 31/10/42

Those ships off pearl harbour, which were reported as some light ships, actually include a battleship!

In an inconclusive battle, we drive off the Japanese, now I wish I'd sent all of our battleships out! - what did I say last time.

At Guadalcanal, our warships arrive, and the Prince of Wales remind the unescorted Japanese troop transports that their navy failed to sink her several months ago.

Shells rain down on the Japanese ships, and all but one of them are sunk, the remaining ship will soon join the others I feel.

Shortlands is hit by a large raid today.

Cox's Bazar gets a visit again today.

Another one of our supply ships is taken out by a Japanese submarine.

While the Japanese return to Horn Island for their third attempt at an invasion.

Japanese losses at Kiangtu are high, although there are few destroyed squads.

While the losses at Sinyang are lower, they are more effective in the long term.

In Kanhsien, we catch up with the 104th Division again, and hit them hard. Unfortunately we fail to dislodge them from the city.

You have no surface combat for months, and then you get two battles in one day. The battleship duel was inconclusive, but at least we took out a good number of the Japanese troops ships.

11 freighters, three small warships and whatever supplies they were carrying.

I'm going after those Battleships once more, this time with both of my Battleship groups in there area. This will make tomorrow interesting.