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Part 330: Operational Report: 01/11/42

The first of our invasion task forces arrives at its target, and is attacked by some of the planes that once belonged to a Japanese carrier.

The damage could be worse, as could the troop losses. The next wave is Lily's, which are useless at attacking ships.

The Kate's arrive in the afternoon, and target the Tomas Jefferson is hit once more.

The unloading of the troops at Milne Bay continues, with losses.

The Japanese arrive at Darwin again. Once more our planes inflict heavy losses on them.

We hold off the Japanese forces at Nanking, inflicting minor losses on them.

In the north, a couple of forces clash near Kalgan.

We take Kanhsien today, pushing back the 104th Division and the other units they have formed up with.

It seems that the only thing that the Japanese have going for them is a good amount of supplies it seems.

No attacks at Milne bay today, as we're unloading troops, but so far, the invasions seem to be going to plan. There seems to be no defenders, so it should be an easy conquest.

The Escort carriers are being churned out right now, as the Prince William joins us and begins its journey to Pearl Harbour.

CannonFodder posted:

Grey Hunter, end this madness with end-of-month charts, please.

Your wish is my command.

 Finally, Here is the territory map, the taking of Luganville has cut a huge swath of red from the map.

Click here for the full 2000x1601 image