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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 333: Operational Report: 04/11/42

The Tambor hits the carrier Zuikaku with a torpedo.

A dud torpedo of course.

The Japanese have left Tarawa alone for a few days – which means we can actually get some planes into the air.

One kill is better than nothing.

The large raids continue at Cox's Bazar, but the first one causes no damage.

The next raid does some damage, but also costs the Japanese a plane.

The next five raids just cause more runway damage.

The Dauntless's find a Japanese cruiser to the north of the Solomon's, and put three bombs into here.

They go out again in the afternoon, but the Zero's are ready this time.

Our attack at Chengchow is a mixed success – we do kill more Japanese than we lose Chinese, but the number of destroyed squads is in the Japanese favour.

We capture Haichow, killing or capturing half of the defenders.

Our Nanking attack is beaten back, it looks like we're going to have to to bring more men into.

Another Japanese cruiser is off to the repair yards, and a little more of China is reclaimed.

I start planning for Finschhafen and Salamaua – the bases to the north of Buna and the next steps before moving on Rabaul.