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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 334: Operational Report: 05/11/42

More Japanese sub action off Ceylon. It misses but it seems that we did as well.

We then drive off a mini sub.

But another of the bloody things hits another of our tankers.

The bombers are seen over Cox's Bazar once more, and the runway is hit multiple times.

The Tambor hits a freighter with two torpedoes, only one of which explodes.

Another undefended island is take by the Imperial Army.

The Japanese forces at Rossel Island have been busy digging in, our forces find a large connection of bunkers, which would have seriously hurt us, if they had been properly manned.

We make another attack at Chengchow, which is more successful.

The Men will need to rest now, but we've proven that we can win here.

A slow day once more, with the only air combat being seen over Cox's Bazer - the number of subs near Ceylon is getting ridiculous though.

I have little else to say, bar that I'm sending the carriers in the Coral Sea north towards Rabaul tomorrow before returning them to Sydney to pick up their two compatriots and going back.
So far, Operation Castration is going well.