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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 335: Operational Report: 06/11/42

Leave my tankers alone!

Goddammit! Those Japanese sub are everywhere.

The Japanese continue their massed raids on the now ruined Cox's Bazar - but the amount of damage done has dropped off recently.

We get planes into the air at Tarawa once more, but they are still in to small a number to be of any real use.

Put Wagner in the plane! The man is built for situations like this!

The Imperial Air Force combine all their fighters in the area to escort five Nick's in an attack on our carriers.

We trade off in planes, and the Nicks are unable to make it to the ships.

Their next wave of Lily's don't even get a sight on the carriers. This is the only reason the carriers are this far north on their own - I know the Japanese don't have any competent planes in the area. Any sign of Bettys and these guys would be running for home!

Their massed fighter support has worn our CAP down however.
At Rossel, we start to shock attack the enemy, wearing them down and capturing their defenses.

Over Darwin, we take on the small raid that appears today and cause it some serious harm.

So its time to bring our carriers back to Sydney to replace those lost planes and pick up the other two carriers, at least we know there is nothing to threaten our ships in the area, so the Rabaul raids should net us a good number of the Japanese merchant marine.
Maybe even a warship or two.

I use the fact that I now have political points to replace a load of Generals at Chengchow, and order a shock attack - this is the last chance we have to break the Imperial Army here before they get reinforcements.

Your planning an attack on Midway? That can only end well.

For us.....