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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 336: Operational Report: 07/11/42

On of the Dutch subs makes an unsuccessful attack on a naval task force off the coast of China

At Chengchow, the massed forces facing each other seem to be trying to catch up with Sinyang as Chinas largest battle.

Our own counter attack loses us more men, but we still destroy a large number of enemy squads.

In the south, we continue to clear the area around Shanghai.

North of Nanking, we try and break through the enemies fortifications, the losses on both sides are heavy, but we can win this long term.

We also continue to push the 104th Division back towards Foochow.

The Japanese make an attack on Ledo, one of our supply airfields. But this time we get hurricanes into the air.

There is no help for Cox's Bazar though.

The massed fighter sweep followed by Lily bombers attacks our carriers again.

More experience for our pilots, but their second wave is more effective, and once more the sole British carrier takes the hit.

We clear the last of the Japanese fortifications at Rossel Island, leaving us with the remaining troops to destroy.

Darwin is attacked once more, and once more, we get a fantastic kill ratio, our planes dropping on the enemy from the sun.

The next wave is some unescorted Kates. These planes try and flee, but only one of them makes it.

Not a bad day, that hit on the Illustrious has caused some more damage, but the task force is on its way home now, and I don't think its life threatening. Once more the armoured flight decks have minimized the damage.

We have a nice 3:1 kill ratio in the air again, more experienced Japanese pilots bite the dust.