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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 337: Operational Report: 08/11/42

Dutch Harbour, and I finally respond to the Japanese attempts to cut off Americas supplies of expensive crab and reality TV shows.

You may call two battleships, a cruiser and 21 destroyers overkill, but you see, my fiancée Really likes The Deadliest Catch.

The men on the ground out number the Japanese soldiers, but they are not combat troops. Lets hope we cut the Japanese supplies off before they had enough to take the island.

The Milne Bay invasion forceis attacked by Lily bombers, but they don't cause any damage to our ships.

At Guadalcanal, our men, now reinforced by the 32 Division begin their attempts to break down the Japanese 38th Division beachhead.

I am also told we are now in control of Rossel Island, even though thousand of Japanese stragglers are still present.

Tarawa gets hit again today, the Japanese have mostly been limiting themselves to ineffective night bombing for a while.

Cox's Bazar is bombed again today, but the damage is minimal.

Kiangtu sees another wave of Japanese troops attacking it, but our men cut them down in large numbers.

Chengchow sees another massed assault, as 60,000 Japanese soldiers attack our forces. I assume that this means that the Japanese have been reinforced, and our men break and flee, with hideous losses as the poorly trained Chinese troops surrender in droves.

Heavy losses in China are balanced by our advances in the rest of the fronts. We add three more ships to our tally, which is always good.
Our carriers are on the way home, and the Wasp is being brought back to readiness.