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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 339: Operational Report: 10/11/42

The day starts with five waves of bombers at Cox's Bazar. Once more, damage is minimal, but enough to prevent us from using the runway.

At Darwin, the Zero's manage to hold our fighters off long enough for their bombers to hit our airfield, but once they have, we slaughter them on their way out.

At Kiangtu, the Japanese launch another bloody assault on our forces.

Our counter attack punishes them further, finishing off a number of squads damaged in the first attack.

The men at Dutch Harbor continue to hold out. Men are coming, but I doubt they will get there in time.

The clean up at Rossel Island is going slowly.

Lots of scattered action today, but nothing much of note, even China was quiet today. We get two more ships, a AK and a micro sub, added to the list by intelligence.
As its a quiet day, here is the top pilots list. Wigglesworth is still top, but is currently ground bound at Cox's Bazar with no way of me moving his planes out. I am moving another squadron to Chittagong to try and cover the area, but I'm not sure how much it will help.

I'm also ordering a deliberate attack at Sinyang, as some fresh troops have arrived there.
The remains of the 42nd Division are heading out to Dutch Harbor, as they seem to be limited to a much smaller formation than they should – 900 combat troops and 5000 rear echelon troops. But this should be enough to save the port.