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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 340: Operational Report: 11/11/42

Lunga, Guadalcanal, and the unloading of supplies is interrupted by the arrival of a large Imperial Naval force!

Our cruisers decide to protect their charges, and the task force departs rather than engaging the Japanese ships.

I would rather they protect the transports, rather than engage a good portion of remaining Imperial Navy.

Our men continue to clear out the pockets of Japanese on Rossel Island. As soon as they are done I can start planning for the next invasion target.

Once again, our spy strikes! As soon as I move planes into the Cox's Bazar area, the Japanese switch targets!

South of Chuhsien, the Japanese launch a minor attack on our forces.

The Japanese are now bringing fresh troops into China, these men are coming in from Indochina it seems and take Nanning. I now need to find troops to send this way to deal with this Division.

The attack at Sinyang is a failure, but at least it prove that we have the larger force now.

Dutch Harbor continues to hold out against the Japanese attackers.

Not much to report today, the American carriers should be back at Sydney tomorrow, so we can replace their planes, pick up the other carriers (or as many as the game will let me) and head out again in a few days.
This time, we're striking Rabaul.