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by Grey Hunter

Part 344: Operational Report: 15/11/42

The day starts with the Japanese invasion of Shortlands.

Their losses are not what I could have hoped, but it does mean that the Japanese are still making these pointless attacks - there is now another group of Japanese ships that we can sink.

The Milne bay fighters have another tough day.

But they do get a kill against a unescorted raid.

Another raid on Darwin, and our planes focus on the enemy fighters, allowing the bombers to hit the airfield.

I don't know what the Japanese commanders say to their troops, but somehow they convinced a force of 6,000 men to attack one of 40,000, an attack that claims nearly one third of the attackers.

Our counter attack finds 16,000 Japanese defenders, but breaks their defences, and butchers the enemy squads weakened by their attack.

At Kweiteh we lose the base to a much more skilled Japanese force.

The southern clean up operation continues.

We make good ground, even if the Japanese casualties are lower than I would have liked.

Keep on fighting, Kings of Crabs!

We're gaining a ship a day from intelligence at this time, even though there has not been a serious battle in a good time. This is a good thing, as we're getting a better picture of the Japanese merchant fleet.
The picture is a post card, and shrinking fast.

In Shanghai, all of the bomber groups get new leaders, who should be here in four days, so the bombing runs will start in five.

I detached the warships from the invasion forces in the Coral sea, these ships are going to Shortlands to break up the enemy’s invasion force.