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by Grey Hunter

Part 346: Operational Report: 17/11/42

Why is it that every Tanker I see gets a dud torpedo into its side? I could have sunk the lot of them by now.

Like this, and this.

Wait, what? That's only because I just typed the above statement isn't it! Your playing with me now!
Ah what the hell, that's another dead Tanker methinks, and I'm happy with that.

Our Cruisers drive off the Japanese invasion force at Shortlands, but for some reason, our commanders decide not to engage this much smaller force – I may have forgotten to check to see if they have any ammo left after their invasion bombardments.

But hey, no more supplies are being dropped off to the enemy forces, taking this as our opportunity, I already ordered the counter attack, which does less despite the poor supplies we have in the area.

The Japanese send some Kates covered by Zero's to bomb Darwin. Our boys have a dam fine day, and Japanese planes are falling from the sky in droves.

In southern China, the Japanese attack some of our forces, knowing that they are now trapped and will soon be mopped up.

To the east, we destroy another hundred squads worth of Japanese soldiers.

At Wuhu, we make some progress, but our men need some time to rest.

Our assault at Kiangtu goes well, as we kill, wound or capture nearly two and a half thousand Japanese soldiers.

The Japanese take the trenches we are hurriedly trying to dig, but our men fall back without taking much in the way of losses.

A good day all around on the ground, while the bulk of the Imperial Air Force takes the day off. We do manage to bag 16 of them somehow, so we must have gotten more of them at Darwin than the combat report said. We don't get the tanker today, but two more AK's are added to our lists.

As Sinyang has been quiet for a good while, its time to order another attack on the Japanese, I think they are played out, and its time to start reducing them.

Right, now that the basics for the day are done, its time for this.

I scramble ever ship I can, throwing the escort carriers into one force, and the warships into another.

If the reports are true, then this is a major battle coming up, but I have a hard time believing that the Japanese have 6 Battleships out there, that's just a panicking novice spotter.
Still, tomorrow could be brutal.