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Part 350: Operational Report: 21/11/42

Tarawa receives a night time visit from the Japanese.

Followed by another visit in the morning.

The bomber force, which I am now calling the Shanghai Express, makes their second visit to Keijo.

A lot less damage is caused today, but we still set more of the city aflame.

The skies about Darwin once more fill with planes, and we take another heavy toll on the Japanese bombers.

The Japanese continue to open up their Sinyang supply lines, by using their massed 65,000 man army on less than 5,000 men.

The Japanese have spent days unloading troops at Dutch Harbor, but still have less than half our number on the island.

It seems that the fresh troops have a better idea about what their doing.

A minor reversal in China, but the Shanghai Express is up and running! Although today's attack was less successful, and add nothing to the losses.
I have nothing much else to mention though.