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Part 351: Operational Report: 22/11/42

The scouts off the escort carriers find a Fuso class battleship off Johnston Island. They claim a hit on her, but I'm not going to believe it.

The rubbleing of Tarawa continues.

The Shanghai Express changes targets to Fukuoka, where they run into a few Nate's.

We get some hits on the city, but some more planes are damaged, and repairing them is going to be really, really, really slow.

Right, this one hit me out of nowhere, I'd moved some Vengance dive bombers to Chittagong yesterday, with orders to hit shipping in the area. It was more somewhere to base them, so I didn't bother mentioning it.

It seems that the Japanese are trying to reinforce their troops at Akyab, and our boys make the most of the targets.

To make matters worse, it looks like the Japanese artillerymen make a fair go at our force, but our massed guns put down some fierce counter battery fire.

The Japanese send another load of unescorted Lily's into Port Moresby, and we make sure some of them don't go home.

The Japanese attack our disorganised and shattered troops at Nanking, the casualties are equal on both sides.

We make another push at Sinyang, but the casualties are high again.

Now the Japanese have begun resupplying, these attacks are pointless, and its time to go on the defensive once more.

Well, that action in Burma was a nice extra during a quiet time. And apparently blowing up a small section of Japan is better than setting fire to a large area of Korea.
Again, I have little to talk about, most of my troops in China are massively disrupted and fatigued, I'm going to see about sending some maintenance crews to Shanghai, but I'm not sure how well it will work.

We still have 11 days on the Enterprise, so in two weeks, the raid on Rabaul can begin, for now, we're going to have to settle for a dull period. - even those Japanese forces around Pearl Harbor have gotten away.
I am sending the cruiser Helena to Dutch Harbor with a destroyer escort, so that should give us something to watch, in a few days time.