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Part 352: Operational Report: 23/11/42

Dud torpedoes! I've not bitched over them in a few days have I?

Tarawa sees a major raid today, but most of their bombers miss their targets.

A much reduced Shanghai express hits Keijo again today, causing some more damage.

The Vengeance bombers go out to Akyab again, but they can't find any ships, so hit the runway.

We lose one to flak, but the others do some damage.
Deep in Burma, our 70th Division runs into two Japanese Divisions, and their advance is stalled.

It nice to see our boys from Shanghai varying their attacks, but the Japanese attacks are so much more effective.

As you can see, we need those trained mechanics to repair them, they are one day out of Ledo, from there the supply network can shuttle them to Shanghai, although it may take three days, I have several of these units at Calcutta, so I can send more if this works.

For now, I'm standing them down. They have proved the concept, but its time to refine it.
Plus its 7 days a plane repair time.