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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 353: Operational Report: 24/11/42

Another invasion force arrives at Shortlands, and starts unloading its men onto the beaches there.

We then get the message that those troops are re-embarking and leaving! Cowards! come back and die under our guns!

Another battleship is spotted in the North Pacific, this one is tracked by the submarine Gurnard, who fires off a torpedo at the ship identified as the Haruna.

Against all odds, it explodes! I fist pump the air, and do a little dance at the reports of Heavy damage.

The Imperial Air Force comes to Tarawa once more.

The Japanese return to Darwin once more, and after some fierce fighting, we take three kills for no losses.

We hit the airfield at Anking once more, even though this is an empty field. I think I'll look to putting them on ground bombardment.

The Japanese throw more men at us at Nanking, to the normal effect.

In the north, some of our men have been marching across land for the best part of a month, and start attacking Tsingtao today.

A good day all around, there was no strategic bombing of course, but now I can start shipping the support force to them.

Intelligence is claiming the Haruna, again, this seems premature, but I'll let the propaganda machine run with it.