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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 354: Operational Report: 25/11/42

We can't replicate the successes of yesterday, as we're back to firing dud's.

Tarawa gets its daily load of bombs.

I wish the Japanese had dud torpedoes.

The Vengeance's go inland for their bombing run against ground targets.

Yeah, we won't be doing that again. Even old Nick's can take down these planes.

Today’s Japanese attack comes in at Kiangtu, which we beat back with little difficulty.

Our own attack at Tsingtao goes well, and we are breaking through the Japanese defenses now.

We restart the attacks at Guadalcanal today, but it seems that I need to do something about the leaders I have there.

The shipment of engineers to Shanghai didn't work, so I'm trying again. They are needed desperately, as the bombers have 4-8 days of repair time each. Apart from that, there is little else to mention today. I'm still waiting on the Enterprise (8 days left) before I start any more major operations.