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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 355: Operational Report: 26/11/42

The Sailfish continues to prowl off the coast of Japan. Today she bags herself a freighter.

She follows this up by attacking another ship in the convoy with dud torpedoes and her deck gun, but the freighter fires back, and she is forced to withdraw.

Tarawa gets another round of bombing, just like they do most days. I'm expecting an invasion any time now. - they seem to have given up at Eniwetock.

There is a major raid on Port Moresby, but it misses its target. The escorting fighters do much better however.

Much more worrying is the appearance of a squadron of Kates over Milne Bay.

These come in at the waiting troop transports, and strike the Limerick twice with torpedoes.
These carriers, one of which is identified as the Zuikaku, then strike at Shortlands.

Darwin is hit again, and we trade two planes for six of the enemies.

This is followed by a small raid of Kates, we destroy one of them before the rest are able to flee.

The Vengeances return to the safe job of blowing up empty airfields.

In central Burma, the Japanese are advancing once more, and they have two divisions against our own depleted 70th British.

In the south of China, we see an attack on our forces. The Japanese actually outnumber our boys, but they have the terrain in their advantage, and cause them heavy losses.

We also beat them back from Nanking.

There is a minor skirmish at Haichow, with less than 20 casualties on both sides, and we continue to push on Tsingtao.

Right, there are carriers to be had! Sod the Enterprise, I'm sending the carriers out now - I don't want a chance at crippling the Japanese fleet some more get away from me. The Long Island is going to go separately, as she is slow at 16 knots, and I want the Wasp and Yorktown up there as quickly as possible.
This is not the Rabaul raid, they should go up and back again, but this could net us some ships.

Especially after days like today.

I'm restarting a number of attacks in China again, and there are 2 more Divisions heading to Akyab. Once they are there, I'll start the attacks once more to try and break through.
Oh yeah, and I'm going to retake that base to the north of Port Moresby, as my recon of the area says its undefended. so that should just be a thousand casualties from accidents then.