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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 356: Operational Report: 27/11/42

The Pollack finds a troops transport, and makes a combined torpedo and deck gun attack.

We see another raid on Tarawa, wasting supplies on an airfield that we can't use.

The Japanese carriers make a strike at Guadalcanal today, but we manage to get another of their Vals, and another carrier trained pilot.

At Guadalcanal, I replaced one general. All our guys are in the 60's, so god knows who they have leading those troops!

We do make good progress today.

The Vengeances hit out once more, and we lose one to flak.

The Japanese take Haichow, attacking our forces with ten times our numbers.

Our assaults start up again, and we blast our way through the Japanese fortifications at Wuhu.

We have a bloody day at Kiangtu, but manage to break through their defences somewhat, and come out ahead on squads destroyed.

At Nanking, thing's don't go to well, as our poor supply situation isn't helping.

We made some ground on the land in China, but the whole area has stabilized a fair bit recently. I don't see things changing all that much for a while now. At least we're in a strong position. That's not going to stop the attacks however!