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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 357: Operational Report: 28/11/42

Terapo, that base just of the north of Port Moresby, sees our men storming ashore.

The Japanese try to contest our landing with a bomber striker, but planes from the Port are there to protect our ships.

The next wave comes it without air support.

A wave of Sally's is also dispatched with ease.

The Japanese carriers strike at Rossel Island, they take out the P40's defending the island, but are unable to damage any of our troops.

Our attacks at Guadalcanal is brutal today, and we come off worse, meaning its time to rest up our soldiers again.

The Helena and her destroyer escort reach Dutch Harbor, and show the Japanese that the deadliest catch are 6inch shells.

Six more ships confirmed for the kill roster, four of them are cheap ships, but I'll take them.

Another Japanese sub attack takes out another of our valuable tankers.

The Imperial forces strike at Kiangtu again, losing a load of squads but few men in comparison.

Our counter attack causes a whole load more, but costs us five hundred men.

We attack south of Hangchow, making a little ground.

The assault at Wuhu makes better ground, but we need to rest our men here as well.

We also find time to beat back the 104th Division once more, I'm amazed they still exist as a fighting unit.

The last of the fortifications at Tsingtao fall today, and we are ready to start the final conquest of the city.

Lots of combat today, we got a good amount of air to air kills around Port Moresby. The six ship kills are a much nicer though.
I've begin to move every unit with some form of Aviation support towards Shanghai, but its going to be several weeks before they arrive, if not longer. It seems that the equipment for the units a Ledo is to heavy to air lift.