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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 358: Operational Report: 29/11/42

This is the first turn done under the 1.04.116i patch, which offers fixes to radar and air combat.

Hunting off the coast of India, the I-32 makes another kill, on one of our ships transporting more troops to Calcutta.

We hit Akyab once more with our bombers, further ruining the airfield there. This is of little use, but its good for the morale of the troops there.

Tarawa gets its near daily bombardment runs from the Japanese.

Some of the British Beufort bombers based at Port Moresby decide to make an attack on the massed shipping near Saidor. In the last few days we've seen dozens of ships unloading there and it seems like the enemy are massing troops at this base.
I expect little from these ageing planes.

What I get is a burning transport and some enemy troop losses. So thrilled by this success are the pilots, that they go out again that afternoon and do it again!

We take Terapo without loss, preventing the Japanese from event thinking about using that base against us.

The Japanese push once more at Kiangtu, and once more our brave Chinese troops stop them.

In the south we and attack and rout a number of Japanese units, five of which are rated as either Divisions or temporary Divisions.

At Dutch Harbor, the Japanese supposedly assault our troops, but there are no casualties reported for either side, so I must only assume they are reduced to throwing insults at us.

No big clashes today, and little air combat, but I have to wonder if the patch has improved my British torpedo bombers. If so, then we could be in for an interesting time. Neither of those ships are on my sunk list, but thats not surprising, they will be out of action for a long time now.

The rest of the day is spent doing book keeping – I have to give up the [iCuttlefish[/i] and a S class sub, so these are ordered home, and I clear out the next few days worth of planes that are leaving us, mainly ones that have not been moved from the West Coast yet.