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Part 361: Operational Report: 02/12/42

One of our freighters gets lucky when its attacked by a Japanese submarine off the West Coast.

A picture tells a thousand words. All of them unacceptable in polite society.

The Greyling gets lucky, and gets a working fish into the side of a Japanese transport.

The Japanese wait until afternoon before continuing their attempts to sink Tarawa to the bottom of the sea.

Today's Darwin attack is relatively quiet.

The Japanese throw themselves into another futile attack at Kiantu, costing them 500 men.

There are a number of other attacks, but I lost the screen shots (sorry, working from my laptop)– The southern coast saw us mopping up more of the remaining Japanese forces there. This is going to continue to be a long process, but its something that we need to do before we can march on Manchuria.

Losses at Akyab have equalized somewhat today, and we stop the Japanese from building up their fortifications to an even higher level.

The attacks will continue, and we will win.

The heavy losses in Burma are a bitter pill, but we can't allow trench warfare to build up in the area, and I can't afford to bypass 60,000 men. They get one day of attacks before I need to rest them again, but I need to press the Japanese while their own troops are disrupted.