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War in the Pacific

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Part 362: Operational Report: 03/12/42

A group of our warships I'm moving around before the next wave of invasions comes across and attacks a Japanese sub. There is no confirmation of a kill or even damage, but it must have frightened the crew.

The boys at Tarawa have only to hold out for a few more weeks, then I will be doing my best to rid them of these dastardly Betty squadrons.

Another level bomber attack on our shipping ends poorly for the Japanese. These attacks are pointless, but I relish the opportunity to rid the enemy of some more of their planes.

Clearing out the enemy forces at Guadalcanal is a slow job, and one that's is going to cost us a lot of lives.

Our Vengeance's have been reinforced, and make another strike at the enemies airfields, also hitting some of their troops today.

We pay the price for reducing the fortifications at Akyab.

These boys will now rest up for a few days, and hopefully the disabled squads will come up to speed. I'm airlifting in all the supplies that I can, and we should be good to go again in a few days time.

The Imperial Army throw their ill prepared and disorganized troops against our men at Kiangtu, losing more squads and men that they can ill-afford to lose.

At Tsinkiang on the south coast we attack and buctcher 1,500 Japanese soldiers and 50 of their guns.

The men of Dutch Harbor once again hold off the enemies assaults, help is once more on the way boys, so hold out a bit longer.

Another brutal day for us, but we're making progress in Burma, and I knew we'd have to pay for that progress in blood. Once the enemy break we're going to be chasing them all the way south if I get my way.
Not much to report on, I spent the turn searching the backwaters for new transports and troops to send to Pearl Harbor and other bases ready for the next waves of assaults. We have some battleships that have 20+ days of repair left, but I don't see us waiting for them if we need them.

Operation Castration is now officially over, and while not the success I'd hope for, its lost us no ships and has netted us several of the enemies, including (hopefully) two carriers. So it was not a failure, but the hopes of our own Pearl Habor attack at Rabaul we're dashed by the enemies heavy fighter presence.

I have to say, the planned attack on Aukland sounds like a pipe dream, there is no way that the Japanese navy, in the state it is in at this time, would be able to support such an attack with more than a handful of troops.