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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 365: Operational Report: 06/12/42

We fill the pants of another destroyer crew today. Our overwhelming response to their probe sends them fleeing.

As she escapese, she runs into our carrier fleet. The crew of the Amatsukaze are no cowards, and despite being outnumbered 16 to 1, they still engage.

Their fire causes severe damage to the Russell and the Prince William is hit before our ships drive off the enemy destroyer, who slips off into the night burning.
There is no escape for this brave ship, as the escort carriers simply put their planes into the air as soon as dawn breaks and quickly hunt down and sink the destroyer.

I'm going to be asking some stern questions about the west coast anti submarine net – there is supposed to be one here, but all I can see in the area are submarines heading out into the Pacific.

The Japanese make yet another pointless level bomber attack at our ships at Terapo.

We only get one kill, but its good enough for me.

Their raid on Guadalcanal is much more effective.

On the ground, the boys are facing a hard fight, I'm going to rest them tomorrow, as even though the number of casualties are fairly equal, we took a lot more squad losses, and in the long term, that is much more serious.

One of the few remaining Japanese formations in southern China launch a desperate attack on our forces, no casualties are reported on our side.

Near Canton, the one time defenders have been driven back to the gates of the city, having retreated over a hundred miles to the east before turning back towards the city. We reduce their numbers by half today, so one more attack should be enough to remove this threat and free up a good number of veteran troops.

Continuing the now quickening clean up operations, the last of the troops at Foochow are hunted down.

A fine day, with exception in Guadalcanal, we are finally clearing up the south of China, and we took out a Japanese destroyer – although its not listed on my list of ship kills for some reason, most likely because Intelligence have not drawn its name out of the hat they use yet.

So December could be a busy one.
More planning for an attack on Hong Kong, although it should be noted that so far this month, both sides have lost around 250 points worth of ground troopers.