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Part 366: Operational Report: 07/12/42

The Gato puts a dud into the side of a destroyer, and then has to ride out the depth charge attacks for a few hours.

That Japanese sub prowling off the West Coast makes another attack.

This is not enough for the I-4, who comes around to make another attack on the stricken J.Fraklin Bell.

We retake Dutch Harbor, as the Japanese, after losing 6 ships and hundreds of lives, have apparently just abandoned the island!

Tarawa got a day off yesterday, but the Japanese are back today.

The Japanese carrier(s) strike at Guadalcanal again.

There is another wasteful attack at Kiangtu, the Japanese seem intent on breaking their forces against the wall of our defenses.

Our men at Tsingtao have managed to throw up a few defenses, but there is no way they can stop the arrival of nearly 80,000 Japanese troops.

We also get driven back in the Suchow region.

And that makes a year of the War in the Pacific! I shall now be hanging up my hat and ending the thread.
Yeah. I wonder how many of you fell for that one.

Today saw some loses in China, but we retook Dutch Harbor, I'm going to reload those troops and move on to try and take the island of Kiska. All in all, not much of an anniversary really.

I'm also ordering the attacks at Akyab to start again tomorrow.

And now, here is the list of kills for the year! I would like to stress these are what Intelligence thinks we have sunk, so may or may not have anything to do with reality.

Carrier wise, we have lost a total of five each, with roughly equal value, so this category comes in as a score draw.

Battleships show a Japanese lead, with us losing eight, and the Japanese six. We know a lot of theirs are at least damaged though.

With 22 cruisers lost to the Japanese 14, they are leading in this category as well. Although I will point out the relative sizes of the navies.

Click here for the full 658x1029 image

We have lost 30 destroyers, and the Japanese have lost a grand total of 42, so we're well ahead on this tally.
I would give you the freighters, but I don't want to go through hundreds of ships, so I'm chickening out.

Here are some of the troops on the ground celebrating the war so far.