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Part 367: Operational Report: 08/12/42

OPREP 8/12/42

The first thing see today is one of my revamped anti sub patrols getting hit by a torpedo! But, just as I think that this is going to be a disaster, the rest of the ships begin to make their attacks on the sub, and report several hits, some that cause the enemy ship critical damage.

How our men can tell this, I'm not sure, there must be some really hot sonar operators down there.
Manually going through all my patrols, disbanding them and rebuilding them seems to have an instant effect, as another sub is attacked.

Tarawa gets several more waves of bombers, as you'd expect.

The Japanese come in to Terapo once more, this time I think that their more after our fighters than they are our shipping.

Their next wave has not fighter support, but we have put many more planes into the air after the first raid.

The battle to reduce the pocket of Japanese at Guadalcanal continues, and promises to be a long one.

There is a bloody day of fighting over Darwin, but once more, once we get past their Zero's, we slaughter the bombers.

Then a wave of unescorted Kate's comes in, which ends as well as you'd expect it to.

Somehow the Japanese get their men to launch another attack on Kiangtu, even though their losses are rapidly becoming crippling.

At Wuhu, we destroy the Japanese fortifications, and ready ourselves for a final assault.

We also catch up with the 104th Division once more, and send them fleeing once more.

The fighting at Akyab is brutal, but we break through the Japanese defenses, so tomorrows attack will hopefully be more equal.

This month is going to see a large number of casualties on the ground it seems, but we're now making progress at Akyab, which will break this stalemate. The new anti submarine nets seem to be working though - it was worth the twenty minutes of work.

I really wish that Intelligence would make up their minds.
Well, its off again, it'll probably be back on the lists tomorrow.

And there are their other random picks for the day.